Week 9 - What Makes a Social Entrepreneur?


This last class will go into the more personal side of social entrepreneurship. Through a discussion of the qualities and personal characteristics of successful social entrepreneurs, we hope to build a framework from which to determine who can be a social entrepreneur and who can't.


  1. Housekeeping - Anything that's necessary to take care of beforehand.Ê(10 min).
  2. Discussion of social entrepreneurs - The discussion should be based on last week's assignment to profile a variety of social entrepreneurs. What are the characteristics in common? What qualities make sense? What surprised you? Why do you think these qualities show up? [50 min]
  3. Discussion of student leaders - The discussion should start based on last week's assignment and should draw parallels with the previous discussion. What do the students have in common? How do the characteristics match up with the qualities discussed in the previous classes relating to the respective topics? Are you a brainstormer, leader, team player, public speaker, and/or schmoozer? All of these questions are important and relevant because they are all critical to a social enterprise's success [50 min]
  4. Wrap Up - Any last words or thoughts go here. Final details for a class trip (recommended) should be discussed at this point [10 min]


Last class, no exercises.


Last class, no readings.

Next Week:

Last class, no next week... :)


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