Week 10 Reality Check


This last class discusses how social entrepreneurship is doing in the broad context of things. Specifically, how is social entrepreneurship doing in terms of entering the public's consciousness and will it break out of its relatively small territory.


  1. Housekeeping - Anything that's necessary to take care of beforehand. [10 min].
  2. What do you think? - What does social entrepreneurship mean to you? Is it a subject worthy of its own field or is it a particularly interesting aspect of another field? Is there something that social entrepreneurs should be doing that they're not? Are businesses going to simply become more "socially entrepreneurial"? This discussion should look at the field as a whole and analyze it from its relative position with every other organization type that exists that competes for time, attention, and energy [60 min].
  3. How was the class as a whole? - This section should deal with the class as a whole and provide constructive feedback for how the class should be taught in the future. Should the order be changed? What was the most valuable? What was the least valuable? Could more exercises/readings/assignments been added or removed? Go through each class in turn and critique itÊ[40 min]
  4. Wrap Up - Any last words or thoughts go here. Last minute preparation for a class trip (recommended) should go here [10 min].


Last class, no exercises.


Last class, no readings.

Next Week:

Last class, no next week... :)


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