Week 6 - Organization Structures & Revenue Models


There are many different organizational structures that can be utilized and still be a successful social entrepreneur. Depending on what you want to accomplish, how you want to accomplish it, and the operating environment, you can effectively determine which organizational structure works best for you to serve your ends. This class will explore different organization structures and revenue models, with a thorough analysis of the pro's and con's of the most popular combinations.


  1. Housekeeping - Anything that's necessary to take care of beforehand.Ê(10 min).
  2. What are the different organization structures - Discussion can start based on the assignment from last week. As an additional resource, this article provides an extensive overview of the different models [20 min].
  3. What are possible revenue models - Discussion can start based on the assignment from last week. As an additional resource, this article details some nonprofit revenue (fundraising) strategies [20 min].
  4. Discussion of combinations - The goal of this discussion should be to explore the different ways many different organizations are able to attain the money necessary for daily operations. Which combinations are most common? Do they vary by industry? Are there specific pro's or con's of one type over another? How do the strategies impact the ability to grow an organization? [60 min]
  5. Wrap Up - Major themes should be discussed, as well as teasing out how organizations don't always have only one combination or model. Hybrids exist in many instances, and many organizations change strategies or simply diversify over time. [10 min].


  • Find one advertisement on Youtube (~60 sec) that you think does a really good job of marketing the brand it represents and write up a short paragraph on why you think its effective. In your paragraph, you can discuss the target demographic, what methods were used to make the brand appealing, what about the product was good, etc.


No readings for next week.

Next Week:

Next week's class will focus on marketing and how organizations of all types spread the word about what they are doing and why others should listen to their message.

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