Week 7 - Marketing


Marketing is one of those dirty-words in today's society, and in many cases, for good reason. But in its essence, marketing is about telling the story and sharing the experience of an idea or organization. Marketing runs in to trouble when the expectations outsize the experience and the wording/phrasing promises more than it delivers. The key, then, is to deliver on what you promise. This class will explore the significance of marketing and to leverage its power for good... :)


  1. Housekeeping - Anything that's necessary to take care of beforehand.Ê(10 min).
  2. What are the different types of marketing - Short introduction to the different types of marketing. What are the important factors that drive marketing? Who is the target? What medium is best to reach that audience? How is social media changing the marketing landscape and how is it currently being used? This article acts as a good referenceÊ[20 min].
  3. Watch the commercials selected for class and discuss the type of marketing used - Should be based on the previous discussion and bring up any missing points or deeper analysis into different strategies of the different types. A good video to supplement the commercials is from Rory Sutherland: Life Lessons of an Ad Man [60 min].
  4. Wrap Up - How should an organization develop its marketing strategy? How can the success of the plan be measured? Which methods are the most effective and easiest to implement and measure? Which methods can be successfully employed for social enterprises versus other organizational structures? [30 min]


  • Each student should do a reflection on the different groups of which they are members and write up three characteristics that made one group a good group and three characteristics that made another group less successful at engaging its members.


No readings for next week.

Next Week:

Next week will discuss the different ways in which an organization can be built. From brainstorming to team building, there will be a wide variety of discussion points on how an organization grows in the early stages, and why this is important to social entrepreneurs.

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