Gumball Capital started in February 2007 when we competed in the Stanford Entrepreneurship Week Challenge. We came in to the Challenge as a few kids interested microfinance, the act of giving small loans to help low-income entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We came out of the competition with a big group of microfinance evangelists who spread the word to tons of students, and raised over $1,800 for microfinance loans. We also took home the grand-prize for Most Value Created!

After our success at E-Week, Gumball Capital began in earnest. We incorporated over the summer of 2007 and created the Gumball Challenge, which was run at five colleges in November of 2007-08 and another 5 colleges in 2008-09.

In 2009-10, we were recognized in several competitions, received 501(c)3 tax-deductibility status, and ran the Challenge at 15 schools including a pilot of the Challenge at several high schools and one Challenge in Beijing!

Moving forward, we're looking to expand the Challenge, focusing on both colleges and high schools, and getting students around the world more involved with entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.


Travis Kiefer
Executive Director
Janelle Tiulentino
Managing Director
Justin Lee
Challenge Director
Ping Li
Finance Director
Beatrice Wu
Web Project Manager
Zach Weiner
Website Officer
Katherine Chen
Creative Director
Ian Chan
Challenge Coordinator
Mailyn Fidler
Challenge Coordinator

Board of Directors

Sophia Tu
Jason Shen
Finance Chair
Bilal Mahmood
Maria Matsu
Kerry Philp

Advisory Board

Jessica Jackley
David Hornik
Mark Nelson
Bruce Deming
Kalvin Wang
Ellen Kim
Rishan Mohammad
Jeff Seibert
Wendi Chiong
Stephanie Shih
Jessica Richman


Wesley Leung
General Editor
Jason Chua
Creative Director
Daniel Posch
Web Director
Erin Parker
Finance Director
Ashni Mohnot

Lucas Hughes
Jeffrey Wong
Belinda Chiang
Deanna Zhang
Ilana Seid
Jae Won Joh
Jeff Orlowski
Nick Noone
Kelsey Walker
Salina Truong
Becky Johnson
Jackie Lho
Kelly Ding
Sumaiya Talukdar
Marimar Jauregui
Shelly Ni
Crystal Yan
Jillian Wells
Joy Chua
Taher Ezzi

Gumball Manifesto

Written for the Gumball Corps, but free for you to chew on!

  1. Blow bubbles
    Succeed by having fun and being yourself: energetic, young, intent on spreading excitement about entrepreneurship and poverty alleviation.
  2. Celebrate every quarter
    Appreciate contributions of any kind, actively. Everyone's busy; metaphorical quarters mean a lot. It's 25 cents extra, not 75 cents short.
  3. Break the glass
    Risk it. Don't wait for permission to try something new. Err on the side of action. Caveat: don't be unethical.
  4. Flatten spheres into circles
    Minimize hierarchy. Eliminate unnecessary restrictions. Use round tables. Communicate from the same plane, not a higher one.
  5. Fit it on a Post-It
    Tighten it. Short attention spans! Break sparingly.
  6. Share some sugar
    Recognize the power of stories and symbols. Mohammed Yunus lent $27 to 42 women in 1976. We raised $3000 in 3 days on Post-Its. Stories inspire.
  7. Pop the ego
    Realize we're only 1" in diameter. Microfinance isn't a panacea. We don't think of ourselves as changing the world. We're just making it a bit chewier.
  8. Remember to brush
    Stay fresh. Chewing gets tiring. Cavities happen. Jaws dislocate. To prevent burnout, we leave everyone time for life.

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