Gumball Capital

Engaging Students with Entrepreneurship in the Pursuit of Ending Poverty

Gumball Capital is a nonprofit that gets students inspired, educated, and involved in fighting poverty through entrepreneurship. Every year, we sponsor a one-week microfinance-benefit competition, the Gumball Challenge where students create value from kits of $27 and 27 gumballs.

After the competition, students channel any revenue they generate through the Gumball Fund and in turn to entrepreneurs in developing countries. In addition, students have the opportunity to take their interest in social entrepreneurship to the next level by visiting our newest program - Gumball University.

Contact us today to organize a Challenge at your school and start signing up teams! Or check out the Starter Kit for detailed information. Finally, if you're totally pumped for everything we're doing, go ahead and Sign Upfor our newsletter.

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Entrepreneurs we've sponsored:

Gulnar Iskitova's Group

Gulnar Iskitova
Location: Kyrgyzstan, Karabalta
Activity: Personal Education Expenses

Ada Francis Corea Rodriguez

Ada Francis Corea Rodriguez
Location: Nicaragua, Leon
Activity: Bricks

Magdaline Awabeng

Magdaline Awabeng
Location: Cameroon, Mile 90nsongwa Nwp
Activity: Pigs

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